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You may be aware that transgender rights issues are deeply important to the staff of one here at Cougars & Mustangs. I hope that I can help provide information for those desperately needing it, and as it happens, Cal Poly is holding such an event, full of laughter and information. 

On May 23, Cal Poly Women & Gender Studies is proud to present Jessica Lynn’s panel, “The Transgender Journey.” Lynn’s entertaining style—sometimes raunchy, but always heartfelt and informative—has been captivating audiences across the United States, and this is the final event of the tour. Lynn is a transgender woman, activist, and public speaker on the issues of trans rights. She even founded and is president of Your True Gender, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and spreading awareness about transgender topics as well as, in general, striving to create safe spaces for those who have ever felt out of place. The event begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Cal Poly Chumash Auditorium, room 207. As this is the final night of the tour, the presentation is sure to be in top-notch form!

This is not the only safe space for transgender individuals. Every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the GALA (Gay and Lesbian Alliance) center, across from the courthouse in Downtown SLO, Trans Tuesday is held. Trans Tuesday is a session where transgender, non-binary, cisgendered allies, and those who do not fit inside those boxes either are welcome to join in for deep discussion about gender, keeping oneself safe, and a variety of other topics. For anyone who might be questioning their current box, this is a perfect opportunity to speak with people who can provide as much information as possible to help that journey. All ages are welcomed, though be advised that the conversations can sometimes deal with very intense and emotional material. 

With summer rapidly approaching for both Cougars & Mustangs, this is a great chance for students to do what they can to learn about who they truly are. It’s the journey that college is truly about, and the most important journey of all. 

Contributor Lola White-Sanborn would like to give a shout out to her graduating class of 2016. Send her your collegiate news via

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