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Council members support Irons for Morro Bay mayor

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Jamie Irons is the only mayoral candidate in Morro Bay with the knowledge and commitment to continue the forward progress the city has experienced under his leadership since 2012.

Working with Mayor Irons on the City Council, we watched him lead with integrity, transparency, and fairness. He treats council colleagues, community members, and staff with patience and respect.

He is a model of civility and his calm demeanor encourages respectful civic conversation. When public comments have been discourteous or have targeted Mayor Irons personally, he never lost his cool. 

But it's more than the strength of his character that leads us to endorse Mayor Irons.

The city's accomplishments, under his leadership, speak louder than words and include:

• Significant progress relocating our Water Reclamation Facility inland to the South Bay Boulevard site with support from the community and the Coastal Commission and with litigation avoided over site selection while staying on-track for 5-year completion of phase one water treatment and working concurrently on phase two, which will recycle 1 million gallons of water daily for city use.

• A six-fold increase in street paving spread equally over all neighborhoods.

• Balanced budgets every year, a robust reserve fund for emergencies, and 10-year budget forecast to ensure fiscal responsibility.

• And community projects supported like the Morro Creek Bridge, bike park, the maritime museum, and pickleball courts.

Beyond a doubt, Jamie Irons is qualified to lead Morro Bay. We strongly support his re-election as mayor.

-- Christine Johnson and Noah Smukler - Morro Bay City Council members

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