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County: Don't let State Parks ruin Oceano

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Thank you to The Tribune for the March 21 editorial "SLO County, don't let State Parks get away with ruining air quality on Nipomo Mesa." Please also write an opinion called "Don't let State Parks ruin Oceano beach."

Here is why: State Parks and the county sweep Pier Avenue and the vicinity regularly. Altogether, they remove and dump tons of sand in local landfills every week and mostly from Pier Avenue and the vicinity.

The sweeping is done by three agencies: State Parks' own sweeper, State Parks' contractor, and the county's contractor. Notice that while so much sweeping is needed on Pier Avenue and vicinity, Grand Avenue is swept only by State Parks' own sweeper three times a week. It's reasonable to say that most of the sand is removed from the Oceano beach area alone.

Why does the Oceano beach area have so much more sand on it? Because Pier Avenue is the most used avenue to and from the beach. Cars carry the sand on their tires and drop it in our community. Pier Avenue and the vicinity are exposed to just as much PM10 air pollution as the Mesa.

Furthermore, because so much sand is being carried away and the beach is getting lower, we are at a greater risk from flooding caused by big storms and sea level rise.

Pier Avenue must be closed as an entrance to the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area; cars should not drive on the beach; and the fore dunes, our natural protection against flooding, must be put back in place.

Lucia Casalinuovo



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