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CSD meetings need to be shortened


Much criticism has been leveled against the Los Osos CSD for the very late meetings, and a cry is made for two meetings a month. Believe me, nothing would change! When they did meet twice a month, it was not unusual for meetings to last until the wee hours of the morning. On April 7, the Schicker/Tacker duo had fourteen items placed on the agenda - many to rehash previous decisions reached so they could "officially" pontificate on them, I guess. At one point, Tacker is said to have spoken for 16 minutes straight! At the previous meetings I was able to attend (but no more due to health problems), public comment frequently lasted for three and four hours, only a little less than the five hours clocked on 4/7. But most times the folks making comments never listened to the answers - to me that seemed to indicate that the public comment was just grandstanding for the cameras. Remove the cameras, shorten the meetings? What a thought!


June Wright

Los Osos

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