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Customer service includes hot beverages


Kudos to Nancy Billings (“Coffee is not a crime,� Dec. 23-30) for publicizing Downtown Centre Cinema’s nonsensical anti-coffee policy. What an absurdly reactionary and ill-defined response to their legal problem. With this type of backward-looking thinking, they are prone to limitless future suits — such as Ms. Billings’ example of someone choking on a piece of ice — while alienating their responsible customers.

A business creates security by proactively catering to its most valued customers, rather than catering to the actions of any single person.

Last year my mother and stepfather tried to go see a movie at Downtown Centre after my mother had just purchased a coffee. She was, of course, stopped by the ticket-taker. The explanation for the coffee ban given on that day was, “We’ve had problems with kids throwing their coffees in the theaters.� My mother stood there a moment, trying to find the logic in this statement applicable to her 58-year-old self. Obviously, there was none.

I wonder how much of Downtown Centre’s losses from the lawsuit could have been defrayed by courting those of us who are respectful, and now, former patrons.

Rachel Stevens

San Luis Obispo

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