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Cut the propaganda--or at least aim it somewhere else

San Luis Obispo



I disagree. H.R. 2584 is not the worst bill ever (“Worst. Bill. Ever.” Aug. 18). There are much worse, like H.J. Res. 114 of 2002, and H.R. 3162 of 2001. I agree that all of the causes you mention—like endangered species and clean water—are important. But I think you need to refocus your attention.

It’s not your cause that is under fire, it’s the funding. The USA can’t afford it any more. If you want money for your causes, skip the propaganda. We’ve all heard it before. In fact, people my age (28) grew up hearing this message our whole lives, and most of us would not consider doing any of the environmentally damaging stuff your bill would try to prevent.

If you want funding, you need to turn your propaganda machine against the root problems, like war and outsourcing.

P.S. Also, stop making it a partisan issue. It makes you sound as immature as those you demonize.

-- Ian Tanner - San Luis Obispo

-- Ian Tanner - San Luis Obispo

-- Ian Tanner - San Luis Obispo

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