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Cyclists, meet the new way to camp


CYCLE THE COAST:  If you’re looking for an athletic, alternative camping experience that showcases what the Central Coast has to offer, Whereabout’s the way to go. - PHOTO COURTESY OF WHEREABOUT
  • CYCLE THE COAST: If you’re looking for an athletic, alternative camping experience that showcases what the Central Coast has to offer, Whereabout’s the way to go.

San Luis Obispo goes from college town to tourist hotspot in a matter of hours sometimes. Depending on the time of year, and what holiday is near, we are either overrun with stumbling college students, or with lost and wandering tourists, all of whom are simply trying to find their way.

With summer just weeks away, hotel rooms are being booked, RVs are being rented, and maps are being drawn out, but one option the Central Coast has failed to offer is a way for the athletic nut to enjoy the beautiful scenery with minimal disruption and baggage. Literally, minimal baggage.

A new company, called Whereabout, now gives cyclists the opportunity to explore the county just as they should: SLO, but steady. Ride, explore, and enjoy everything this county has to offer without all the work of lugging around your own luggage, souvenirs, and camping equipment. 

Created by longtime bike enthusiast Vanessa Amerson, Whereabout offers a safari style nomadic village for cyclists who wish to tour without being weighed down during their journey. Think of it as a portable hotel that also directs you to all the great local spots you’ve always wanted to enjoy. And if you come across any must-haves, like a great bottle of wine or a piece of artwork, but don’t want to worry about the logistics of hauling the items back to camp, Whereabout will pick them up for you—unless that winery is your campsite, in which case there’s no problem at all.

Whereabout has several wineries and farms that are happy to offer a piece of their land as your campsite. Just about everything that Whereabout supplies for your site is locally crafted. From the tent, to the blankets, even the table is all locally designed and produced. And since everyone’s mode of transportation is a bicycle, there will be no extra automobiles disturbing and polluting any campsites.

Whereabout will move with you from campsite to campsite; just keep your daily mileage capped at 35 miles, or let them be your headquarters if you want to enjoy a town for more than a day. Either way, the Whereabout team will be ready and waiting for you to relax.

All of this adventure doesn’t come cheap though. Packages can start at roughly $900, but right now there is a two-for-one deal for $950 on This package is for two nights with a catered dinner each night, a guided tour of a farm or winery, breakfast, and the rewards of pledging their project. Pledges will help fund a bathroom and shower trailer for campers. The more you pledge, the greater the rewards, but pledging ends May 25 with the two-for-one deal.

So oil up those chains, or give them a break and let Whereabout supply the bicycles, and see what Whereabout has to offer at Or give them a call at 704-5856 to book your trip.


Fast fact

The city of San Luis Obispo is hosting Future Fair 4 on May 31 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the library community room on 995 Palm St. The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for the city’s Land Use and Circulation Element to update the public about proposed changes they’ve been working on for the last two years, and for the public to participate in the dialogue about these proposed changes.

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