Dan Brumbaugh IV - owner of

NEW TIMES: What services do you offer?
BRUMBAUGH: Classic automobile restoration.
NEW TIMES: How do you advertise?
BRUMBAUGH: It’s pretty much just word of mouth and talking to people at car shows and various local events. If they have a project, they bring it on in.
NEW TIMES: How did the company get started?
BRUMBAUGH: I started working out of my garage. Now I have my dad out here helping me out. We’ve been doing this for almost four generations now.
NEW TIMES: How much time do you usually spend on a car?
BRUMBAUGH: It varies so much. You can’t put a set time on each one. It just depends on what needs to be done.
NEW TIMES: What’s the most time you’ve spent on one car?
BRUMBAUGH: Probably about a year.
NEW TIMES: What did you want to be when you were growing up?
BRUMBAUGH: This is all I’ve ever wanted to do.
NEW TIMES: Any plans on expanding SLO Rides?

BRUMBAUGH: You know, I’m not too big on hiring people. I like working with my dad. I like keeping it a family business. Just as long as my wife stays happy and the bills get paid, everything’s good.

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