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Dan DeVaul inspires

Santa Maria



Had there been a man like Dan DeVaul in my younger years, the quality of my life would have been far improved. Combined with common sense, compassion defines the content of character. DeVaul is a Good Samaritan, with personal honor in the finest git-‘er-done American tradition. I visited Sunny Acres to see what the fuss was all about and came to the conclusion there’s nothing better for such needy souls than what they’ve experienced there: good clean dirt and honest work.

Meanwhile the government red-tape worms decide to let the rabble eat cake and live in the creek. If they had to walk a mile in the shoes of those who find redemption at Sunny Acres, they might see the light. Instead, they are drunk on power, addicted to moral debauchery. The judge’s decision (“Court orders Sunny Acres residents to vacate,” July 8) makes me want to jump off a 20-year wagon of sobriety for one night and sit around a campfire with Shredder to pass around a jug of stump water and discuss what I really think about this abominable injustice. God bless New Times.

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