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Davis will contribute

Arroyo Grande



The article “Time Served” (Feb. 18) was timely, well written and well researched: kudos to your reporter, Matt Fountain. It is surely time for Bruce Davis and other rehabilitated inmates to be released and allowed to become useful citizens instead of a continual financial burden on our society. Politics and union jobs have for too long biased our penal parole system.

I have known Bruce Davis and a few other inmates who deserve freedom in my more than 40 years of visiting C.M.C. Bruce is a sweet, gentle, repentant family man who can be a real benefit to the youth of our day. I have observed him closely for many years and welcome him into my home and life anytime. If I were still an employer, Bruce would have a job with me. We have all made mistakes in life and we all want to be forgiven. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Bruce Davis should be released now, so he can help prevent other youth from going astray through gangs, drugs, or alcohol.

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