De Vaul to jail, evictions on the way?



First Dan De Vaul was bailed out of jail by one of the jurors who convicted him. Then he unsuccessfully tried to serve his sentence but was told the jail couldn’t accept him without a court order. Now De Vaul is finally scheduled to go to jail.

De Vaul must appear on Oct. 22 to serve out the remaining 89 days of his 90-day jail sentence. He was convicted of two misdemeanor charges of violating county codes and creating hazardous conditions for residents at Sunny Acres ranch, a sober living facility outside San Luis Obispo. One of the jurors in that case later posted bail for De Vaul after he was incarcerated. De Vaul appealed the case to the Second District Court of Appeal but was turned down.

He’s applying to qualify for alternative sentencing: monitored home detention. He told New Times he’ll have to wait and see if he qualifies for the program and, if so, whether he’ll be able to comply with the terms. Otherwise, De Vaul will have to serve out the full sentence.

If he’s forced to leave Sunny Acres ranch for three months, De Vaul said he worried what might happen without him there, noting that the last time he left in 2005 at the advice of San Luis Obispo County officials, some residents relapsed.“How are you going to estimate what’s going to fly to hell?” De Vaul said. “Maybe everybody’s going to start drinking out here or God knows what.”

At the same time, the fate of Sunny Acres residents is also up in the air. On July 14, Judge Charles Crandall is scheduled to make a ruling to set a timeframe for Sunny Acres to comply with a previous order to address some of the code violations, most significantly to evacuate some of the buildings and effectively evict some residents.

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