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Dear Adam Hill



Congratulations, Adam! You’ve been elected to another term as a member of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors for District 3. But having said that, we both know that yours was a victory of wrong over right, of special interests over the public interest, and of fear over courage. Despite your attempts to extort the business community and your long list of behavioral issues, a majority of the voters in your district don’t seem to mind that. While the bully has prevailed, your real race has just begun.

The lawsuits that have just started to plague you will continue to do so well into next year. And don’t be surprised if the investigative agencies come back to haunt you on those attempts at extortion of the Home Builders Association. That the results of these legal endeavors might afflict a standing, high-profile elected official will be far sweeter than had you lost the election.

The Tribune, your principled constituents, your fellow board members, and the others who voted for you will come to regret your re-election. But enjoy it while you can. 

Good luck, buddy. You’re going to need it!

-- T. Keith Gurnee - San Luis Obispo

-- T. Keith Gurnee - San Luis Obispo

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