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Dear Camillia

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I think your Nov. 7 cover image was most unfortunate and incendiary. If you want to add fuel to the fire of our ridiculously polarized county, you couldn't have chosen a better method. A line of rifle-toting whites, with the huge title "Liberals with guns"! Really? What do think the reaction is here in North County? How 'bout Pavlov's Dogs syndrome? What about our citizens of color? What do you think they see in that image?

Nothing wrong with the concept and reportage, but why not put inside with other various community activity features and personality pieces? It's just a club, not a movement—yet—as far as I know.

I'll bet if you surveyed any liberals, Dems, Progressives, Greens, even on your own team, nine out of 10, would have been dismayed, horrified at the message in the visuals, (even the blood-red color scheme), and totally rejecting of this activity linked with a named political group.

I think it was a terrible misjudgment on your part as editor and makes me wonder why you would choose this small club to represent armed aggression and potential conflict of the type all the reasonable, civilized world is desperately trying to quell and avoid.

You should apologize to your devoted readers (a majority, I would guess are liberals) and to the community, at the very least explaining your motivation or editorial "perspective."

You have a huge responsibility as a published, recognized, and popular media to reflect your community accurately. You definitely failed with this one.

Awaiting your reply,

A reader, voter, and lifelong advocate to improve communication and human relations.

Heather Howell



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