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Dear Gov. Gavin Newsom


What is your response to out of control fire caused by global warming?

It is to allow closure of our largest carbon-free generator, Diablo Canyon Power Plant.

We see your support of more burning of more fossil fuel—natural gas. We see no protection of the people, even in this climate emergency.

Diablo Canyon has a desalination plant that can be expanded to send fresh water to communities.

In fact, a project to do just that was underway when this public utility announced Diablo's closure.

You pose as a green leader. But green talk does not help us.

The people of California demand action. Keep Diablo Canyon open and build many more atom fission plants to give the people clean desalinated water and clean electricity at the same time.

Stop fossil fuel fracking and stop giving us wind and solar that costs billions yet produces so little electricity and needs natural gas backup, since it works so little of the day.

Be honest on climate and on the energy type that can save the planet.

William Gloege

Santa Maria

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