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Dear Gov. Newsom


First, let me say "thank you" for your continuing work and advocacy for a clean, healthy environment in California. We depend on our elected representatives to inspire conservation, belief in climate science, and action to change harmful and dangerous ways of using and creating energy.

The citizens of San Luis Obispo have lived with the risk of a nuclear accident at Diablo Canyon Power Plant for more than four decades now. There has always been the seismic concern, terrorist threat, and human error possibilities, and now the realization of highly radioactive waste (500 pounds a day generated) we will have in our county forever.

Additionally, we ratepayers are going to be paying above-market costs to support a bankrupt, criminally negligent PG&E that is now trying to market its oversupply of energy to community choice aggregators that are claiming to sell "clean" energy. Nuclear is not clean!

I urge you to close Diablo Canyon Power Plant immediately. Time is of the essence so we can invest in truly renewable energy sources, which need to be supported because of the climate crisis, our health, safety, and the environment.

Marty Brown


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