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Dear mainstream media


I am not sure when the mainstream media walked away from journalism, but please understand you're killing this world! If what you want to stand for is division using your purchased air time for pushing political agendas, giving yourselves to hyperbole, conjectures, or injecting your own opinions, well then, that is fine—and I'm sure Hollywood will welcome another reality show. Just please stop calling yourselves a "news source." Having a talk show is great, just please quit calling your rhetoric "truth and news." Some people hold so close to your agenda as truth and news, that it is causing a negative outcome. So please have the courtesy to start your air time with a phrase like, "This is our opinion. If we include any bits of news, they will be convoluted with our own biases and opinions."

When you misdirect the public, as you do, all you cause is fear, division, and hatred. Partial truths are still lies and are words of hate. The power in your hands can help us come together as a "world" people. Guiding us to move forward rather than backward. For the past four years, it feels like we went back to the 1950s with segregation, hatred, and bias. Collectively, we need to walk away from words that cause fear, misdirection, and anger. We need your influence to help everyone embrace one another, accept one another as we are—on our own journeys through this life. As we all are aware, life is a struggle and we need to stop being so nearsighted. We need to quit pushing our own self-centered agendas and be more concerned about our brothers and sisters of this world and "blend." Please take the opportunity with this virus outbreak as an avenue to show the world you're interested in us the people, rather than your ratings.

Kevin Matea


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