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Dear millenials: vote!



If you think this presidential election is a “joke” and will not affect you, listen up!

We baby boomers are retiring and are past our earning years. You, on the other hand, are just getting started as wage earners and the bulk of the purchasing public in America.

The biggest two issues in this election are saving the planet and the Supreme Court—both of which affect you and your children directly.

The current Supreme Court has given us Citizens United, which allows unrestricted and unreported money in politics. This is why you think your vote doesn’t count. Corporations are allowed to pour money into campaigns (e.g. Koch Brothers). There will be at least two vacancies on the Supreme Court soon. Who do you want representing you? Do you want multi-national corporations running the world and making democracy irrelevant?

Second, the very future of the planet is at stake. Republicans deny climate change while the world’s scientific community agrees that climate change is real and time is running out for you and your children.

You must vote in this critical election. Your future is at stake, and the future of your children’s survival is melting away with the glaciers.

Wake up; inform yourselves and get to the polls!

-- Diane Griffin-Duenow - San Luis Obispo

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