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Dear New Times readers



We received several letters over the last week regarding a comment made by someone we interviewed for the June 25 Street Talk. All of them expressed disappointment that the paper would print a direct quote from someone who used the “r-word.” 

So many letters came in that I felt the need to respond (which could definitely spur more letters, and we will gladly print them). New Times doesn’t necessarily agree with or condone anything that it publishes every week; that’s especially the case with content in the opinion section. That should be a given with regard to any journalistic organization worth the words it publishes. It’s not our job to censor society: cut out the parts of it we don’t agree with or don’t want to acknowledge. However, it is our job to give the community an unbiased, full-on view of itself—the good, the bad, the mediocre, and the perceived ignorant, as well as the things and words people don’t necessarily want to see as still existing in the world.

If we do our job correctly, it can spark a community conversation about what’s right and wrong and what needs to change, which is why we appreciate the time our readers take to send us their opinions every week. It shows you care about your community and this paper and that you want change; keep them coming.

-- Camillia Lanham - New Times editor

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