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Dear North County neighbors



Do you want an oligarchy to rule the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin, where those who own the most acres get the most votes? If so, sign on to PRAAGS’ petition to create a water district, a one-acre/one-vote system. If you prefer a more representative form of groundwater government, support the efforts of PRO Water Equity (prowaterequity.org) to forge a district based on a one-person or one-property-owner/one-vote system.

This is a seminal and crucial moment for the North County. Its economic, social, and environmental future is at stake.

The PRAAGS proposal is an essentially un-American and anti-democratic attempt to perpetrate a coup, concentrating control over a vital resource in the hands of the few, reducing residents and small businesses to mere serfs in a feudal system. Since 1776, we’ve fought to resist monarchy and oligarchy and institute representative systems of government. Shall we surrender now?

PRAAGS has begun its push to monopolize control of the groundwater basin. Speak up soon, or lose your voice forever.

-- David Broadwater - Atascadero

-- David Broadwater - Atascadero

-- David Broadwater - Atascadero

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