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Dear Russell Hodin


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Regarding your satire on Stacy Korsgarden's plan to help with the homeless population (April 28): Besides being rude, it's is also very ignorant. Have you ever met Stacy Korsgarden? Have you actually considered her plan? Or are you one of those who just sits and waits for the problem to go away? I am curious if you actually know what triage means, I would bet you don't.

Stacy Korsgarden has a viable plan where people living on the streets can be directed to the services that already exist but may be difficult for them to find. Staffed by compassionate, skilled people who can asses individual situations and then direct them to all options available. Homeless people decide for themselves if they want help, some may want to stay on the street; however, many will appreciate the hand up, an opportunity to perhaps end their homelessness.

The idea of triage is far more than a shower and a hot meal, which would certainly be available as well. Safe camping and RV areas that are well serviced for cleanliness and safety is something that needs a structure and a plan. Your wire fencing, barracks, and "Kamp" signage just send a negative view of what could be a very positive start to alleviating a huge emergency. Yes, I would say our homeless population is facing an emergency, and as a community it would be wise to use our emergency resources to help. I spoke to a women who works at the 5 Cities Homeless Coalition, and she said many of the young people are right out of foster care and don't even know the services that are available to them. It would be nice if these young people had a safe place to go for help. Help from trained, compassionate people who can identify their needs and help them with counseling, job training, and more.

If you happen to have a better solution Mr. Hodin, please speak up.

Margot Bourget

Grover Beach


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