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Debbie Arnold and homelessness

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Debbie Arnold has championed maintaining and improving our county road system. Our roads are a critical piece of backbone infrastructure for our county. They provide access to our homes, our jobs, and our parks, and they are critical to commerce and our first responders. Letting our roads fall apart is not an option.

Yet Debbie is taking heat from her opponent Ellen Beraud, who says that Debbie isn't doing enough about homelessness. Beraud wants to take away funding for our roads and throw it at homelessness, a position shared by Supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson.

Ironically, it was Debbie Arnold who helped spearhead the successful "50 Now" program to house the most vulnerable and chronically homeless. What has Beraud done about homelessness?

That Beraud would join Hill and Gibson in emulating San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle in throwing millions of dollars at homelessness with little to no success is a frightening prospect.

We clearly need to solve this growing problem. But it needs to be done in a way that doesn't attract more homelessness or that allows our road infrastructure to fall apart. Debbie is committed to doing just that.

Juanita McDaniel



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