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Debbie Arnold took the wrong stance on the opioid lawsuit


SLO County's 5th District can do better than Debbie Arnold, and it's clear we made a horrible electoral mistake in 2016.

While Debbie Arnold's entire county joins a multi-billion dollar (bi-partisan) lawsuit against the opioid industry—largely responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans and billions of dollars in taxpayer health care costs—Debbie Arnold needs more time to study, more time to contemplate, more time to process.

So let's all give Debbie Arnold some stress-free time to consider the "unintended consequences" of holding Big Pharma accountable for an unforgivable betrayal of trust, disdain for the law, and their cavalier attitude toward public safety. She is doing it in a selfless manner to protect us from corporate greed, right?

The irony (or hypocrisy) would be funny, if it weren't so pathetically sad.

More than 100 fellow Americans die of opioid overdoses every single day while Debbie Arnold gives political cover to Big Pharma. Arnold is paralyzed by a combination of her own ignorance and cowardice, which she has repeatedly demonstrated during her tenure: Like a deer in headlights.

This is your representative, 5th District, cowering in the face of right-and-wrong, siding with corporations profiting from all angles from their treachery. Meanwhile, 22 veterans—protecting her First Amendment right to collect campaign bribes—commit suicide every day from poor mental health care and over-medication, and Debbie Arnold needs more time to think about the problem.

Don't rush Debbie Arnold, fellow 5th District residents, it's not like people are dying.

Side note: In the time it took me to write this, one veteran committed suicide, three died of opioid overdoses, and one hundred people were arrested for simple possession or use of cannabis.

Erik Huber

Cuesta College history student

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