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Democrats making things worse for themselves


Just got through listening to local radio talk show host Dave Congalton. One of today’s topics happened to be about the Ohio recount. Make no mistake about it — I am a dyed-in-the-wool Republican. There is something sad, however, about a once proud political party collectively going mad.

The proponents of the recount use all kinds of excuses to justify dragging on a clearly won election, but it is mostly motivated by hatred of President Bush. There is no doubt some shenanigans and dirty dealings happen in all elections. Let us not forget that President Kennedy received an inordinately large percentage of votes from the dead. I also have no problem with making every attempt possible to ensure a valid and fair election. That being said, what I believe is a small fringe element of the radical left wing of the Democratic party has just about guaranteed that Democrats will remain irrelevant for many years.


Phillip V. Moffat

Morro Bay

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