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Democrats should emulate FDR

Los Osos



As a small business owner in California since 1996, I have seen my business evaporate over the last year but what worries me most is the loss of business since the election. I understand that a CPA firm in our area is estimating 30 percent of local businesses will close this year. That is a very scary prediction. The faith and votes that the Democrats got in the last election was that there would be “change”—but not for the worse.
Obama’s economic advisers Tim Geithner and Larry Summers are continuing the illegal and unconstitutional bailout of Wall Street. That is not the change citizens voted for.  The financial system is finished: Production is collapsing, businesses are closing, unemployment is growing, budgets are being cut in education and health care while the banker-controlled government abandons a commitment to the general welfare of the citizens.
It is time for the Democrats to stop being the fools for Wall Street and defend the population, by restoring FDR-style regulations for banks and large-scale economic development projects to create jobs and rebuild our nation. 

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