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DeVaul deserves a medal

Arroyo Grande



Betty Woody wrote in her letter “Stand up for Dan DeVaul” (May 7), “This man saves our county millions of dollars each year. Dan receives no financial backing from any public entity, nor does he receive money from all who live there. Many of those residents are disabled and cannot pay. Dan provides a safe place for them to live anyway, out of the creek beds and off the streets.”

Finally! I live here only half the year, so when I saw the constant steady stream of articles about the city trying to “clean up” the DeVaul property, I kept wondering why no one stands up for this guy. But since I’m not here all the time, I thought, well, maybe I’m missing something. Then Betty Woody wrote her letter saying what I’ve been thinking for years. The guy deserves a medal! OK, so it’s a messy job, but he is doing something that the city doesn’t do, cannot do as well, and sure doesn’t have the money to do.

Since when is pretty so much more important than humanitarian? I will think much more of SLO when I see people protesting the horrible behavior of those trying to destroy him in the name of pretty.

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