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Diablo Canyon and desalination


We in California face a historically deep drought advancing on our state, in addition to the global warming increase that takes our Western U.S. water more every day. Yet, what are politicians fretting about? The plight of our Golden State? Not so much. The governor worries about the recall and where donations will come from for that next office. Sacramento politicians worry about what they always focus on—where will money come from for that next election. Of course they focus on Big Oil and Gas donations. The people can't afford to fund elections anymore with million dollar and up price tags.

Meanwhile the state burns, loses companies and jobs to Texas and elsewhere, and more dried-up cropland is abandoned.

If "the people" were really government's first priority, we'd keep Diablo Canyon Power Plant open and expand its desalination plant as previously planned to supply badly needed fresh water to our drying state. We'd build more safe, carbon-free nuclear plants as scientists suggest to fight global warming and desalinate sea water as a byproduct while supplying clean electricity to our state's people, industry, and businesses.

It's time to throw the gauntlet down to politicians: Either you save Diablo Canyon and act decisively to give us the desalinated water we must have, or no vote for you. The vote is all we residents really have that those who supposedly represent us want. So let's use the vote to finally get government to take the strong action desperately needed now.

William Gloege

Santa Maria

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