Diablo fire has Mothers for Peace concerned



A fire at Diablo Canyon Power Plant on Aug. 17 is cause for concern, according to SLO Mothers for Peace, a local non-profit group that monitors activity at the plant. A report issued to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission by PG&E, which owns and operates the plant, stated that the fire occurred shortly after midnight and resulted in the burning of a main bank transformer. The fire, officially classified by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as an “unusual event,” could have caused injury to employees had it occurred during the daytime, said Mothers for Peace in a public announcement.

PG&E and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission are investigating the cause of the fire, according to the PG&E report, but Mothers for Peace stated in their announcement that they intend to monitor the investigation on behalf of plant workers and the public, because previous investigations at the plant have proved inadequate in preventing reoccurrence of transformer fires.

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