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Diablo license renewal should be carefully considered




Thank you to Lois Capps, the SLO County Board of Supervisors, California Public Utilities Commission, California Energy Commission, Sierra Club, City of Morro Bay, Mothers for Peace, and Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility: Thank you all for speaking out for the citizens of SLO County. The sensible, reasonable, and necessary seismic studies regarding earthquake faults that could damage the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant must be done using the foremost technology to determine where and how great a seismic event can occur.

  Considering the seismic vulnerability, the high-level nuclear waste being stored, and the once-through cooling system so detrimental to sea life, the PG&E application for re-licensing the power plant should not be considered until those issues are fully assessed and steps are taken to secure the health and safety of not only the plant, but the people and other living organisms surrounding it.

-- Marty Brown - Atascadero

-- Marty Brown - Atascadero

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