Diana Columberg, Vina Robles event coordinator

3700 Mill Road, Paso Robles, 227-4812


NEW TIMES When did you start hosting the Gallery at Vina Robles?

COLUMBERG We started May 21 of 2010. We feel that wine and art make a natural setting, and we’ve adorned our winery with much of the same décor to give this winery a sense of character.


NEW TIMES What is it about the gallery that draws attention?

COLUMBERG We have an 1,800-square-foot space that is dedicated to the works of the artists. We’ll rotate artists’ works on a quarterly basis throughout the year, in which, during this time, we will have the artist themselves come in and meet with our guests and talk about each individual piece they’ve poured their hearts into. Thereafter, we will have the gallery open to the public so the guests can admire their works afterward.


NEW TIMES When is the gallery open?

COLUMBERG We usually have specific nights set up for the artists to come in and showcase their art. During those nights, we have complimentary wine and food tasting for our guests to enjoy. Afterwards we have the gallery open to the public during our regular store hours, and we provide our guests with bios of each of the artists, as well as a means to contact the artists if they would like to purchase any of their works.

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