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Dick Tracy



What's it rated? PG

When? 1990

Where's it showing? HBO

Warren Beatty (Heaven Can Wait, Reds, Bulworth, Rules Don't Apply) directs and stars in this action crime comic-strip-brought-to-life about the intrepid, straight-as-an-arrow crime fighter who finds his life complicated when nightclub singer Breathless Mahoney (Madonna) hits on him as he's investigating Big Boy Caprice's (Al Pacino) attempts to unite organized crime in New York City.

The film features all the familiar comic strip characters, such as The Kid (Charlie Korsmo), Mumbles (Dustin Hoffman), Pruneface (R.G. Armstrong), Numbers (James Tolkan), Flattop (William Forsythe), Itchy (Ed O'Ross), The Brow (Chuck Hicks), D.A. Fletcher (Dick Van Dyke), and Tracy's love interest, Tess Trueheart (Glenne Headly). The makeup and facial prosthetics are amazing!

The film itself is visually stunning as well, with cinematography by Vittorio Storaro (Apocalypse Now), production design by Richard Sylbert (Chinatown), and set decoration by Rick Simpson (2010). Add in Danny Elfman's soundtrack, and you have a stylish and unique film, albeit one that can't quite transcend it two-dimensional storytelling. (107 min.) Δ


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