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Didn't the police have anything better to do?


In regard to the Memorial Day weekend confrontation between Officer Crocker and Safe Ride's driver Judy ("Driven to extremes," Shredder, June 9-16), I must say that I am appalled. For an officer of the law to cause such a scene with a person who was doing the right thing is shameful. In my opinion, anyone who is keeping drunken drivers off the street should be able to do their job without having to deal with SLOPD's ridiculous overreactions.

I have known Judy for about two years now and I have never seen her act in any way other than courteous and respectful. I have ridden with her as a volunteer for special-needs events as well as as a passenger that is too worried that the overzealous police will hassle me after a few drinks. I just think that it is a shame when a community-based safety situation is interfered with by a police department that has too much money and not enough to do.


Frank Canaan


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