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Disparity between the top and bottom levels at the county

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Just a few years ago, the county was giving bonus checks to department heads and full-time workers that were based on their salary, so those that made more got more. Part-time workers, quite possibly those that could use it the most, weren't included.

When I called and asked about it, I was told that the amount, overall, didn't have an effect on the county budget.

Why is it that small savings in our lives are always promoted as a way to achieve a long-term financial stability but when it comes to government, it's "not a significant amount"?

I was also told that the current salaries of department heads are relative to what Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc., are paid. So why not use that same thinking for paying lower-level county employees?

The county can last without a department head for a long time but won't last one day without loyal rank-and-file employees.

Paul M. Scott

San Luis Obispo


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