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Display was hurtful


Dear Ms. Diamond, The marriage display on Dexter Lawn that states “Gay marriage is the disintegration of our society� was very sad to see. Some people used to say this about interracial marriage, but that particular strain of discrimination is harder to spread these days.

My partner and I were married in San Francisco this past March. The state court unmarried us two months ago, but we will continue to wear our wedding rings for the rest of our lives. This is the only marriage for either of us, now both in our 40s.

My partner is a Poly graduate. She and I are business owners and employers here in town, long-time community volunteers, good neighbors with many friends. Why then should we not have the same right any other person has to choose the person we marry? Why should we be denied the more than 1,000 rights that married couples have?

Scapegoating a group of people never did spread any love and light in the world, and it never will. Your display has hurt people. It is my hope that those with such hatred in their hearts for me and others like me will recognize the limits of their experience, the ugliness of their attitudes, and their great potential for a deeper level of understanding.

Terri Dunivant

San Luis Obispo

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