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Dive into Neal Breton's pool series at The Gold Concept



Summer’s almost over, but you can still catch Neal Breton’s colorful pool series at The Gold Concept in downtown SLO through the month of August. What inspired these bold, chlorinated images so chock full of lazy summer indulgence? Well, the story goes something like this: When the artist has a little extra money in his pocket, he rents a hotel room out of town and sits by the pool. 

Poolside, he thinks about what his life would be like if he could afford to do this sort of thing every day—and that’s when the dreaming happens. Of course, lots of nude ladies would be lounging around said pool, and there would probably be stately palm trees and green, green grass to tickle the toes. 

Breton’s Breakfast By The Pool shows nothing but a halved grapefruit sitting on a diving board. It’s a simple, yet luxurious impression of what it might be like to vacation like the vacationers do so well in SLO.

View Neal Breton’s work at His work will show at The Gold Concept, located at 740 Higuera St. in The Network through August.

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