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Do Dow and Parkinson discriminate against Christians?


It is hard to understand how two of our own have made it to high office when they think the way that they do. Our numbers will be diminished if we don't wear masks, social distance, and attend only small gatherings. Our extended families during the pandemic will become sick at a faster rate than the general population. Yet, these two public officials want us to feel free to put the lives of those we love at risk at Christian gatherings.

Jesus was a super spreader of the gospel. Do SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow and Sheriff Ian Parkinson love Jesus so much they want us to become super spreaders of coronavirus so we can meet our maker before our time? Do they think the coronavirus is the devil and we must exorcise it from our spiritual being?

They are not telling people how to be safe.

John Boling

San Luis Obispo

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