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Do some fact checking, Americans




Why does anyone even listen to Republicans at all? Mitt Romney, setting himself up for a run in 2012, baldly lies by saying that Obama has presided over the largest job loss in American history. Truth: Under Bush, nearly 750,000 jobs were lost each month, whereas with Obama, there are tens of thousands of jobs created each month.

This week, with Obama promising budget cuts, the Republicans are already beating drums about the deficit, and Boehner disingenuously calls for greater cuts while vigorously refusing to repeal the tax cuts to the wealthiest of Americans, to the tune of $750 trillion a year. What a bunch of lying hypocrites.

Anderson Cooper is bashed for telling the truth, even as the bashers admit it is the truth. Bush cancels overseas speaking engagements for fear of arrest for war crimes. Rush Windbag makes up outrageous lies and openly encourages people not to listen to our president; Rush will tell us what was said that was important.

However, it is up to individual Americans to do their own fact checking. If we are so lazy as to remain willfully ignorant in this day of ready access to information, then I guess we deserve what we get. But those of us who do think for ourselves end up being penalized for the choices of those who are too lazy, ignorant, or disinterested to even vote.

Come on, folks: Don’t just live here and think it’s so great. Participate. That’s what is great.


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