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Do the opposite of what the 'alt-right' advocates



Milo Yiannopoulos, the “fabulous supervillain” “alt-right” provocateur, will be visiting Cal Poly campus on the evening of Jan. 31. Mr. Y. is renowned for his divisive, racist, and hateful speech.

At the University of Washington, the demonstration against Yiannopoulos’ presence turned violent and led to gunfire. It is the nature of provocateurs to delight in provoking such reactions.

People of Faith for Justice suggest that San Luis Obispo activists respond by ignoring him. Instead of giving Yiannopoulos the satisfaction of a demonstration against his presence, let’s use the time to do the opposite of what he advocates. Let us reach out to those we don’t know and spend the evening making friends with strangers.

-- Rev. Caroline J. A. Hall - People of Faith for Justice board member, Los Osos

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