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Do the right thing

Arroyo Grande



I am feeling so frustrated with the tactics used to convince voters to support Proposition 8! I am tired of all the distortions and lies about churches losing their tax-exempt status or being sued if they refuse to perform same-sex marriages, children being forced to learn that same-sex marriage is “normal,” and county employees being fined and sued for using the words “family values” or “traditional marriage.”

Same-sex couples are part of our community and Proposition 8 eliminates marriage for them. Our laws should guarantee the same fundamental rights to all Californians. State laws should not be used to single out one group to be treated differently.

Regardless of how you feel about this issue, you shouldn’t help to eliminate fundamental rights for any Californian. Please, do the right thing, the fair thing, and the only thing that guarantees equal rights for everyone: Vote no on Proposition 8.

-- Gina Whitaker - Arroyo Grande

-- Gina Whitaker - San Luis Obispo

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