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Do those who condemn off-roaders want ghost towns?

Santa Maria



It appears to me that Carol Georgi and Nell Langford are both trying to have an epitaph on their graves about killing the towns of Grover Beach, Oceano, and Pismo, by making up “facts” about the OHV park system getting millions of dollars from the general fund, when in fact, the general fund consistently raids the Green Sticker Fund for monies for projects unrelated to the parks themselves.

An estimated (the county’s number) $150 million is brought in by the off-road community each year, and 2000 jobs are directly related. How many restaurants, motels, small mom-and-pop stores, gas stations, and more would go under because a couple of activists can’t get used to the fact that people like to go off road here? They change tactics every couple of months. Now, they’ve latched onto the particulate matter.

I’ve got to admit, they’ve got a pretty strong one here. Those cities will become ghost towns. Is that really what they want?

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