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Do veterans deserve socialist health care?

San Luis Obispo



In this, the most free country on Earth, there is no excuse for relegating those who have served our country with honor, maintaining the freedoms we all cherish, to a creeping growth of socialist programs. This is not what our veterans fought for. Government-run programs, funded by our tax dollars, staffed by government employees, and managed by government bureaucrats are crippling our country. Is this what the founding fathers intended?
This generation has a chance to make it right for at least one important part of our nation. Let's save our vets from big government and its socialized medical programs. Join Citizens Against Socialized Healthcare (CASH) in our campaign to dismantle the Veterans Health Administration. Those who have given so much should not be subjected to a system of government-subsidized, socialized medicine.
They deserve the best the private sector has to offer. We owe it to them to see that they have the freedom to choose a health care plan with a premium they and their families can afford.
It's the American way. We have to draw a line against socialized health care. Let's do it for our best, first.  Patriots! Tell the VA: no more funding.

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