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Do your homework, find the right answers

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The ballots have arrived. It's time to vote for those who we will choose to represent us. Some have already cast their ballot, some have not.

How do we know who is the most qualified to address the issues we are most concerned with? JFK once stated, "Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer but the right answer."

Hopefully many have taken the time to seek information on their own to help make a careful, honest decision. Find out for yourself, verify what you may have heard or read. We need to take responsibility for our decisions. It is our right and obligation to do so.

My vote for SLO County Supervisor is Lynn Compton for District 4. She's experienced, committed, and effective.

Compton has served and supported residents, families, business, and law enforcement for eight years without implementing new tax hikes or new fees. She's consistently voted to protect Proposition 13, and she is committed to getting results for the concerns of the people she serves. Compton also works to protect our precious water resources.

She's fighting the root causes of homelessness—mental health and drug addiction. Help Lynn Compton keep fighting for us.

Ellie Ripley

Arroyo Grande


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