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Don’t be a sore loser


Robert Sachs’ commentary concerning the Bush inauguration (“This inauguration is a sham,� Jan. 20-27) is the pathetic response of a loser. This is the kind of liberal that has been on the public dole all this life and hopes a Democratic president will be able to supply more support for his lifestyle. It is distressing to realize that this kind of person is in education.

I have seen a lot of presidents come and go, and the only one that made me ashamed was Clinton. He did nothing after the first attack on the World Trade Center and spent $80 billion and sent thousands of troops to Bosnia and no one said a word.

I don’t care much for Bush myself, mainly because of using something as controversial and diversified as religion, but no president has had to deal with a major attack on U.S. soil since the Revolution.


Normal Mehl

Santa Maria

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