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Don’t let them take one more acre

San Luis Obispo



Okay, I have to speak up. I am a farmer and a strong advocate for agriculture in SLO County. There are many opportunities for agriculture on the horizon, including changes in local food distribution, growing fuel crops, and harvesting energy, to name a few. Demand for traditional commodities, like cattle and grain, is on the rise to feed an expanding world population. Our county has all the elements to be a leader in progressive agricultural solutions.

New crops and technologies keep changing local agriculture. For example, consider the “Purple Belt” and what grapes have done for this county. What other crops are just around corner? Our unique climate gives farmers and ranchers advantage in producing food, fiber, and fuel. Who knows, maybe there is an agricultural renaissance on its way! Therefore, we can’t afford to give more agricultural land to the developers, or change our policies to encourage development on agricultural land.

Every farm acre is worth saving! We can always build one more house, but we can’t make another acre. This coming local election has much to do with our agricultural future. After listening to our supervisors and their opponents, I believe Jim Patterson and Adam Hill have the best understanding of the urgent need to save our soil—the farmers’ black gold—from sprawling development. Help to protect farmland and get out your vote!

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