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Don't be dissuaded by climate-change deniers

San Luis Obispo



We have heard from Matt Kokkonen and others regarding the politics of climate change. Anyone interested in transcending the politics should explore the website climate.org. For a treatise about who might be behind the campaign to confuse the issue, read Climate Cover-Up by James Hoggan, and visit secrets.org. It may come as no surprise that PR firms, think tanks, and their “experts” who deny the climate is changing are some of the same forces that fought to preserve the profits and markets of tobacco companies. Now they are funded by big oil and big coal.
   We all can take steps to break our addiction to hydrocarbons, lighten our footprint, and conserve our planet. Even if the evidence of human-caused climate alteration is a hoax, we will have made the world a better place. Or, we can continue our rampant consumption, pollution, bickering, and give Exxon more record profits.

-- Allen Root - San Luis Obispo

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