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Don't be fooled again



The city of San Luis Obispo would like you to think it has been prudent in how it spends Measure Y tax funds. I think they spend our money without regard to how hard we work for it.

Take a look at how the council authorized spending Y money on “downtown improvements” at its June 15, 2010, meeting. By the way, “downtown improvements” were not one of the ways the city promised us they’d spend Y funds when we voted for the tax, and in polls of city residents “downtown improvements” don’t even rank as something the people want the city to spend money on. No matter, the City Council does what it wants for its downtown buddies, and they authorized tens of thousands of dollars on newspaper dispensers, painting street light poles, and new garbage cans.

Does that sound like financially responsible spending? Yet this is typical of how Y funds have been spent.

Measure G is just more of the same: broken promises, inadequate financial responsibility. Don’t be fooled again.

Vote no on G.

-- Pete Evans - San Luis Obispo

-- Pete Evans - San Luis Obispo

-- Pete Evans - San Luis Obispo

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