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Don't blame smokers

Paso Robles



Susan K. Hughes seems to have left a few things out of her letter (“Ban smoking in parks,” Jan. 15). For someone who’s so concerned about children picking up a cigarette butt, she doesn’t seem to mind those children rolling around in the grass my dog urinated on, or care about the cloud of smog that engulfs them every time they step off the school bus. What about fireplaces, campfires, and all the toxic pollutants we are exposed to on a daily basis? Millions of people have grown up in parks where people smoke: Please show me the epidemic of third-hand smoke toxicity.

Smoking is bad for you, we all know, but I hate it when people want to point fingers at something they just don’t like. If we want cleaner parks, then let’s enforce litter laws. Next time you go to the park, really look around. Yes, you’ll find cigarette butts, but you will also find beer cans, Doritos bags, Starbucks cups, and probably some used condoms. Humans are filthy and disgusting. Don’t blame smokers; let them smoke.

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