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Don't blame the president




People want to hold the president responsible for things they know he doesn’t control: oil gushing from the sea bottom, for example. And it doesn’t help that the president claims he has control. All the laws our Congress could pass could not stop the gusher. People need to take responsibility to do that. When private industry thinks the government has control when it doesn’t and will help, when it can’t, then we are in real trouble—as we are.

Oil and water don’t mix! Everyone knows it is easier and safer to drill oil wells on dry land than miles from shore in ocean 5,000 feet deep. Congress and the president have let the environmentalists tell them the oil companies must drill far out of sight so that they don’t have to look at or smell their ugly wells. Government safety inspectors were sent to the drilling operations to check for possible problems but no one was checking the inspectors. Reports are now showing up that indicate the inspectors have been corrupt for a long time. I hope that our government will do a better job of

inspecting our hospitals for safety now that they claim to be responsible for our healthcare


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