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Don't buy Janssen's explanation

Santa Maria



Concerning the SLO County planning department’s deception in deliberately changing the approval policy documents to indicate the opposite of their intent (“Deception or bumble?” June 18), I award Mr. Janssen and the planning department “The dog ate my homework” prize for water-boarding the public intelligence by infantile insult. They obviously lost the pertinent map and then surgically lost all references to that map in the same shredder.
The grand jury bumbled by not indicting public employees for misconduct. They did quantify and qualify the quality of their decision by suggesting the planning staff be trained not to misrepresent significant documentary evidence. Honesty training: what a novel idea for tax dollars. Mr. Janssen’s arrogant dismissal of Andrew Christie’s legitimate and moral concern is an in-your-face example of the “I the government” attitude that plagues our society.

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