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Don't discount Patterson and Hill

Arroyo Grande



 The Shredder concluded that supervisors Patterson and Hill are in political trouble because of alleged discontent among anonymous former campaign supporters (“Change (back),” Feb. 4). Hmmm, I wonder whom The Shredder has been talking to. I don’t recall seeing a Sierra Club endorsement of Adam Hill in the last election.

The current economic climate has necessarily set the agenda for the Board of Supervisors. Rather than engage in gridlock and obstructionism, the board has been cooperating to insure fiscal stability, reform pay and benefits, and put the county on a more solid footing for the future. This is in sharp contrast to what we see at the state and federal level and serves all of the county’s people well.

If the folks who complained to The Shredder don’t want to support Patterson and Hill in the next election, that’s their choice. I’m sure there will be no shortage of good people who will step up to the plate.

-- Tom Murray - Arroyo Grande

-- Tom Murray - Arroyo Grande

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