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Don't distract from the serious issue of homelessness

San Luis Obispo



Becky Jorgeson’s letter, wherein she accused county health and safety officers and the county counsel’s office of corrupt conspiracy in dealing with Dan De Vaul’s failures to meet code requirements and her assertion that Judge Crandall is biased and unfair (“Are we going to accept the ‘justice’ served on Dan De Vaul?”) borders on the irrational.

Ms. Jorgeson fancies herself as a self-appointed homeless advocate of doubtful experience or training in dealing with the subject. If anything, county officials, county counsel, and certainly Judge Crandall should be commended for their forbearance in dealing with Mr. De Vaul. He is a stubborn recalcitrant man who loves publicity and refuses to provide a safe and sanitary environment without even safe drinking water, but insists that he is entitled to allow the needy and desperate homeless to stay on his ranch.

The problem of homelessness is a serious one, and the efforts to deal with it are sincere and effective. We don’t need to be sidetracked by this kind of nonsense.

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